About us

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Our credentials makes all the difference

Under the leadership of Mr. C.M. Garg our core team is mentored by Farhan, Margoth and Juhi who have done exceptional work in preparing and helping our clients achieve their dream job.  At Resume Builders we provide you with clear and exact information about your job search because we have been where your employer’s are, hiring people like you. With our experience we provide you with an intrinsically composed dynamic document that guarantees to land you to interviews. At Resume Builders we provide you with realistic information about what suits your profile the best, future opportunities and what the industry demands for hence help to prepare you for the job you deserve.

Specially for Veterans

Our country has one of the largest army in the world and there are limited efforts to help veterans’ transition to the corporate sector. Most of you are unaware of the trends and practices that are being followed and we provide a helping hand to groom you starting from the basics of resume preparation to developing your skills in salary negotiations. For the service you avail we charge you accordingly at discounted rates.We have had a huge success rate in past helping veterans get interview calls from major MNC’s and private organizations paying them the salary they deserve.